Selective breeding of shrimp
Description: The production of selectively breeding shrimp was put on the agenda after producing 3,000 pairs of shrimps with high health
According to the public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, Dr. Pourkazemi, the director of the institute said at the selective breeding of shrimp meeting mentioned that the institute could be recognized as a reference of selective breeding in the fisheries sector. He added: although the production of SPF shrimp in the country is an important step towards improving and increasing the production, this issue alone cannot solve the problem of this industry. Therefore, it is necessary to move towards the selective breeding of shrimp and to develop beneficial features in this aquatic animal with selective breeding projects such as the Ecuador and Thailand that have made significant progress in this regard. He believes that by executing a written document for selective breeding of shrimp in the country, the goals set to the horizon of 1404 which result in the production of pathogen resistant shrimp with higher growth rates can be achieved in different phases. Then the head of the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran and his deputy presented a report about the selective breeding of shrimp.

Saturday 18 Aug 2018
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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