Presenting fish products for promotion of carp products with an emphasis on silver carp at the government week exhibition
Description: The South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center unveiled products for consumption promotion of silver carp products at the government week exhibition in Khuzestan province

Various products for consumption promotion of silver carp products were unveiled in the opening ceremony of the government week exhibition 2018-2019 in Khuzestan Province. The ceremony was held with the presence of senior provincial administrators, deputy director of fisheries and aquaculture extension and transfer of research findings of the institute and managers of fish farms in the Imam Reza hall of Ahwaz International Fair. Various products of silver carp (fish ball, fish burger, smoked butterfly fillet and variety of cooked foods with minced fish meat) were subjected to public viewing. The food packages were then provided to the visitors with a questionnaire. It is worth mentioning that a great reception was held at the opening ceremony. People became acquainted with new products. They expressed their satisfaction with the variety of new products and their different and unique flavors.

Wednesday 5 Sep 2018
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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