Holding a scientific meeting
Description: The one-day long meeting was held on new technologies for making aquatic food products
In pursuance of the mission and objectives in the aquaculture sector, a one-day meeting was held under the title "New technologies for making aquatic food products" with the participation of speakers from the private and public sectors. At this meeting, experts and enthusiasts became acquainted with the latest advances and new technologies in making feed for aquatic animals such as vannamei shrimp, sturgeon and coldwater fish.
The main achievements of the meeting were:
The new diet formulations for vannamei shrimp.
The use of X-rays in food quality control.
The use of new ingredients in aquatic food production.
The production technology of micro food and nutrition strategies for marine fish larvae.
The use of modern technologies in making feed for rainbow trout.
The new developments in making feed for sturgeon.

Monday 17 Dec 2018
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