Reproduction of Salmo trutta caspius
Description: Reproduction of the second generation of Salmo trutta caspius (G2) in the Coldwater Fishes Research Center of Tonekabon

The experts of the aquaculture department of the Coldwater Fishes Research Center of Tonekabon selected 146pre-broodstock fish from the second generation ofSalmo trutta caspius (G2) to reproduce. Out of this number of fish, 38 femalebroodstock fish and 108 malebroodstock fish, which were ready for reproduction, were selected. Reproduction was performed in two ways; 1 female with 3 males and 3 females with 5 males. The result of this reproduction was 6170 g of fertilized eggs, which were transferred to vertical incubators equipped with a water cooling system (chiller) and were kept at the temperature of 9 ± 1 ° C. The eggs of the third-generation ofSalmo trutta caspius (G3) are in the growth stage and evolve their life cycles in these incubators. Upon reaching the stage of sexual maturity, reproduction of other fish will also be performed.

Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Author: Public relations of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute
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